Above Ground Pool Installation

5 Tips for Above Ground Pool Installation

A pool might be a fun place to be. It feels incredible to dive into a pool set right into your backyard.

However, you might have not thought about it before. You don’t have that much space left in your backyard. Also, even if you do, you might not want to create a huge mess to build one. Also, building a new pool might seem too costly for you.

So, the solution is to get an above ground pool. Today we’ll give you the most useful tips for above ground pool installation which will help you to set your pool right and have your full fun in it.

You’ll be able to set it up yourself perfectly if you just follow our tips and implement them. So, without further delay, let’s check out the tips we have to help set up your above ground pool.

Tips for Above Ground Pool Installation

You can save a lot of money and energy if you choose the above ground pool. We assure you that the above ground pool is a wise decision. Moreover, it looks as normal as any other pool and you can still have the pool feel in it.

However, there are certain things that you need to keep in mind when you’re installing this pool in your backyard. So, we gather the best 5 tips that’ll help you with your installation.

Tip 1: Ensure Leveled Ground

You have to approach the whole installation process with a proper plan. The first and foremost thing that you need to inspect is the area of your pool. That means the ground where you want to set your pool.

The leveled ground should also be another concern of yours. This is the critical step that you must ensure if you want to install your pool right. Because you have to make sure that the structure of the pool is safe and sound.

There are many things that you can do to make sure that you have a leveled ground. The first thing that you can do is to rent a transit from your local hardware store or any rental outlet.

There’s another thing that you can try. It’s pretty simple and easy. You can use a long, straight board with a carpenter’s level on top of it to measure the levelness of the area.

However, if you see that the ground is not level, you can try digging any high areas and level them to prevent the pool from setting over time.

Tip 2: Don’t Keep the Unwanted Plants

You can’t just go on and set your pool even if you have a leveled ground from before. You need to inspect the ground. You can’t install your pool on grass or on any kind of unwanted plants. What would happen you ask?

Well, there’s a high chance that the plants will rot and affect your pool liner at a point. Added that those plants can shift or settle over time and that might make the pool unstable.

So, you need to get rid of those from the marked area of your pool. You can rent a sod remover to remove those in no time. After removing all the unnecessary stuff, make sure to check if your ground is still leveled or not.

Tip 3: Think About the Drainage

Thinking about the drainage should be an important step for you. Or else there’ll be problems for you in the future.

You see, sometimes a new pool will act as a dam. The reason is that it prevents the water from following its previous or natural path of drainage through your yard.

And what happens is that your dry yard might even turn out to be a swampy one. It might create a bad impression of your pool to people that it might be faulty.

Tip 4: Be Careful About the Pool Liner

You gotta be careful about the pool liner. Because there’s always a chance of tearing the pool liner or making a hole into it. This might allow the whole structure to fail and your whole thing might go in waste.

However, make sure that you install the liner on a warm, sunny day and remember to not let the temperature dip too low. The liners are as important as all the other parts of the pool.

Here’s why the liners matter-

Usually, liners are made of 3-ply PVC material. If you go a bit high in price, you will get the liners made of TriTech PVC material, which happens to be stress and puncture resistant.”Source

Also, don’t step on the liner with your shoes on. You should install it either barefoot or in socks, Nobody wants to make a new thing look like a dirty one.

There’re many types of liners like snap bead liners, V-Bead liners, Unibead, Overlap and etc. Snap Bead snap into a separate track around your pool and installed on top of the pool.

V-Beads liners are held by the stabilizer rails and Unibeads can be used as either Snap Bead or V-Bead. You can remove the top portion of it to make a Snap Bead.

On the other hand, the Overlaps are hung over the pool wall. These are basically securing using plastic coping strips.

Tip 5: Don’t Fill Your Pool Before Checking

You have to fill your pool halfway first and then you need to install the skimmer and filter as the manufacturer instructs.

You should install the safety warnings because your warranty could be voided if you don’t add these labels. Don’t forget to apply the safety warning before you fill the pool to the top. Also, remember that the water level should be one third to halfway up the skimmer.

These are the most basic and most important tips for the above ground pool installation for you. These might even sound so much generic but these are important as well.

If any of these 5 doesn’t go as planned, there’s a high chance that your whole structure might get damaged somehow.

However, if anything ever goes wrong, remember that the experts are always one call away. They’ll take care of the matters for you and a problem big for you might be easy for them.

So, let’s focus on our installation of the pool, and let’s get started.

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