How to block on Facebook and how to unblock a friend

How to block on Facebook and how to unblock a friend…

Is someone bothering you on Facebook? Want to rescue from the person you don’t like? So let’s learn how to block on Facebook now. Facebook is an excellent and very efficient social media. Facebook is a place for social gatherings.

You will know many people through this media and other people also get to know the same way. However, there is some person who we don’t want them to know about me. They are disturbing more than friendly. So, better to unfriend or block them forever.

Don’t worry the person you block never be notified of your action. Even he will no longer be on your friend list. Besides, the person won’t be able to bother by tagging you. He can not see your post on the Facebook page and comments on you.

This way, you can relieve yourself from annoying people from Facebook and use it peacefully. It is saved and secure.

Easy steps to block someone on Facebook

Facebook has many options to secure your data and protect you from any critical issue. Blocking one of the essential options among that option. Follow the easy steps to block someone on Facebook and avoid the annoying person.

  • Login to your FB and click at the top right corner of FB page
  • There come out a list. Click on the ‘’Setting’’ option.
  • Then click on the left side of the FB page ‘’Blocking’’ option.
  • There show you a page ‘’Manage Blocking’’.
  • Write the username you want to block on the second option of ‘’Block Users.’’
  • Now you are done with the process!

However, the person already on your friend list and you want to block him. Then go to the FB page of your friend. In the cover photo of your friend, there is an option of blocking. Block the person, and he won’t be your friend list.

There you find many options of blocking such as Block messages, Block app invites, Block event invites, Block Pages, and so on. So it means not only person but also pages, messages app, and many other things you can block from FB.

Another way you can block someone

If you think it is a bit difficult for you, there is the second option for you. Follow the steps below to block in another way.

  • Find the person on FB you want to block
  • Go the FB page of that person
  • Click on the option on the cover page.
  • There pop out two options ‘’Block’’ and ‘’Report.’’
  • Click on the ‘’Block’’ option and chill!

The questions may come in your mind

Someone, still you have some questions. Find the answer to your question below:

How can I block without them knowing?

Block the unknown person or your listed friend they never are notified. Even if you unfriend someone on FB never inform him. You can be assured of this matter. Then they won’t be able to find you and bother you.

Does the blocked person send me a friend request?

There is no possibility to send you the friend request again unless you unblock him. The blocked person cannot  do the things are:

  • Can not see your post on timeline
  • Can not tag you
  • Can not invite you any group or events to join
  • Can not add you as friend
  • Can not start a conversation with you

How can I unblock the person?

Unblocking the blocked person is easy. Before this, you have to go to the blocked list. Follow the steps of unblocking someone.

  • Go to the settings and ‘’Blocking’’ option on the left side.
  • See the ‘’Block Users’’ option.
  • Find the blocked person you want to unblock.
  • Just click on the unblock option right after the username
  • Now You have unblocked him.

How can I see my blocked list on FB?

To see the blocked people list go to the settings. Click on the ‘’Blocking’’ and find the list from ‘’Block Users’’ second option. There is a list of people you blocked them. This way, you can see them easily. But remember if you search the blocked person, you can not be able to find him. This is because the way the person can not see and tag you, the same way you also can not do so. You were only able to find him on the blocked list.

How do I know if someone blocked me?

If you can not find the person, you are searching for and even can not text him, that means the person blocked you or disabled their profile. There is an option to find the person who blocks you. For more info see the youtube tutorial.

How to block messenger?

To block someone from iPhone or Android:

  • Open the messages of person you want to block
  • Tap on the top right corner icon of the conversation
  • There pop out several options.
  • Scroll down
  • Tap Block at the bottom

Please remember

For new Facebook users, those journey is tiny or who are thinking of opening a new account a little message for them. Always be respectful to other users and your friends. Do not add someone who you don’t know. At least try to know him by his page and then add him. Never annoy anyone or do not try to do something wrong. There is the possibility to get blocked. Even if you think someone was disturbing you, block him immediately, and avoid the bad situation. There are many examples of misusing social media and destroyed their lives forever.

A bit more

The face has allowed connecting with people across the world. It is the biggest platform for socializing. But when the people take advantage of it and misuse it, this the worse thing. So, know about it appropriately and take action against the individual who is bothering you. The action does not mean complain or any verbal abuse. Smartly block without letting him know. This is a good enough penalty as well. Therefore, keep the knowledge of how to block on Facebook and use Facebook without any complication.

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