how to format a computer

How to Format a Computer in Any Operating Systems

You might have a lot of the following questions in different ways but that is similar to each other about how to format a laptop or a desktop computer, isn’t it? Well, we added here all those types of similar questions and now going to cover all of your answers and guides in this article hope that you will love.

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It is not a big deal knowing how to format a computer. Any formatting deletes all the files stored on the drive or memory.

Formatting a computer erases the data stored on the drive. We usually format the drive for several purposes.

The everyday purposes are installing a Windows OS, getting rid of any virus attacks, cluttering of the drive, system failure, reassemble your drive partitions, installing any other drive on the Windows system, and at the time of handing over the computer to anyone else.

There are some steps to format the hard drive. The process varies according to the Windows system installed on it.

But, you need to make sure that there are no necessary files in your PC drive whose erasure will be no problem at all.

Besides, you can keep a copy or backup of those files that are needed for future purposes. Then, follow the process about how to format the drive on your computer.


Now Let’s Check The Full Process About How to Format a Computer


Backup before formatting in computer


Backup Before Format Laptop or Desktop Computer

Backup is essential and the first step of how to format a computer. Format PC means erasing all the documents and files on your hard drive.

To keep the necessary data, you have to do one thing before performing the format.

The first step is to create a proper backup of your needed things. It is one of the most important things for everyone to do.

For this, forming the habit to make a backup of your necessary files regularly is very good and safe. This will ensure the existence of those files.

You can do this in many ways. An external plugin, an extra hard drive, online cloud storage, etc. help do this.

Some useful online storages are Google DriveDropboxiCloud, etc. After making your computer ready for use again, you can get all the things from this storage easily.


Format Your Laptop or Desktop Computer as Windows Basis


Format a computer as windows basis


Format Computer as windows basis

Formatting Windows PC is not a big deal. First, backup all the needed things and start the process. Formatting a computer is also reinstalling an operating system.

Different Windows systems follow different methods of formatting disk. Windows 10, 8, 7 require slightly different things to do. Make sure each of the steps is correctly, and you will have a better result. Follow the processes below, and you will learn the procedure of formatting your computer easily.


How to Format Windows 10


Formatting a Windows 10


Formatting a hard drive in Windows 10

First, get a Windows installation disc. You can also have Windows 10 boot in a pen-drive and use it for Windows installation. Then, run or connect that. From there, choose the language you want to have as an operating language.

You can select a version of Windows too. Press the “Next,” wait until the process finishes.

Meanwhile, keep the CD or flash drive connected and restart the targeted computer. After that, select a function key like F11, F12, or any other for launching the needed boot manager as well as system BIOS. Press “Enter” when a list appears.

After filling the info up, the options will be there how you want to do a format and reinstall a Windows 10 newly.

Choose the “Install Windows Only” option from there whatever comes on the screen. Then, the option for making the partition for the drive will come.

From there, select the “Delete” option. Next, choose the “New” button. Finally, press the “Format” option. It will require some time for completing the process, and your computer will restart for sometimes.

Just wait until it finishes and all is done.


How to Format Windows 7


Formatting a Windows 7


For Windows 7

The steps for format laptop or desktop computers having Windows 7 installed are almost the same as formatting Windows 10.

Here, you also need to have a Windows 7 format disk or a drive having the boot version of Windows 7. Then, do a restart and click on a Functional key to enter the BIOS. Next, go for the “Boot” option kept on the appeared menu.

Select the boot option according to your used device like CD, DVD, or pen-drive. Now, wait for restarting the computer.

Do not even touch the connected drive having the Windows in it and after that, pressing any key is required. You will see that the Windows 7 setup process will start unpacking files to keep the wizard ready. Fill-up the necessary information like your region, time & date, language, currency, etc.

Select the “Install Now” then. You need to accept the terms, conditions, etc. and start the Windows installation. There, you have to select the partition of your hard drive on your computer.

Finally, delete all the partitions selecting all as a formatting process. Choose the “Unallocated Space” and click Next.

Your computer will then take some time restarting automatically. The work is done. You can further configure by giving the Key license and others.




Format a computer as MAC OS



Formatting the Mac is also easy. First, reboot the target MacBook. While restarting it, click the Command & R together. A “Recovery Menu” will come. Hen, select the “Disk Utility” and press “Continue.”

Now, select the hard drive of Mac placed left and click “Erase.” For this, press the “Format Menu” & choose “Mac OS Extended.” Finally, the formatting or erasing process will be complete. Now, you can do the Mac OS installation as a fresh new one.




Ubuntu or LinuxUbuntu or Linux


For Ubuntu or Linux


To reformat the hard drive and reinstalling Ubuntu, you need to have an external flash drive or hard drive connected to backup the files. Have the newest version of Ubuntu.

DVD burner or ISO burner is necessary for writing the image to the external drive.

Now, connect the external DVD or drive, reboot and get the BIOS settings changed to boot. After that, restart the computer as said before and waited. Select the “Install” when it appears.

Select the hard drive formatted software of the third party. Then, press the option “Erase Disk.” At last, the format is finished, and you can reinstall the Ubuntu setting the necessities.

Knowing the format of a computer is very useful sometimes. It will prevent your computer from the attack of mail and other essentials.

It is accepted that formatting a computer is a last and most effective way to have a computer fresh and safe. So, everyone should know the process and do it properly when it is necessary.

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