How To Get Free WiFi At Home or Apartment – Ultimate Guide and Tips

Have you ever wondered how to get free WiFi at home? I guess not, you have to pay a monthly subscription for the use of it. At present time, all the electronic systems can connect to the internet. So, having a WiFi connection is a must. But, it is possible that you may not have internet access at home. Not paying bills or connection errors maybe the reasons behind this. So, it is best to learn the tricks and techniques to enable free WiFi.

Why is “How to get free WiFi at home” needed?

In this article, I will discuss how to get free WiFi at home. Nowadays, staying connected with the help of internet is important. It helps to make our daily life easier through the use of social media and other things. People who work at home will have more benefit, as they can go through their emails and any sort of information. Also, have WiFi connection will help you to learn new things every single day. As this leads you to the use of the internet, which is the gateway to the entire world. You do not have to leave your home to enjoy the exciting and exotic things out there.

WiFi is a technology that is making so many internet facilities seamless. It lets you access devices that are connected to the network. Say for, in your home, you have only one printer. And there are several computers in each room. You do not have to connect the computers every time. If the printer has a WiFi connection, then you can send the command from any computer. So, you can see that there is no hassle for connecting wire cables. You can have internet access anywhere in your home within the WiFi signal range.

How to get free WiFi at home?

How to get free WiFi at home might be a big question to you. There are many ways you can adopt. It is not as difficult as it seems. You only need to know the correct methods that are not illegal. The explanation of them is below.

1. Use a friend’s WiFi

Using a friend’s WiFi is one of the easiest options. If you have a trustworthy friend in your neighborhood, then you can use his network. It is obvious that you need to do this with their permission. But, remember he has to live close to you. Say for within 2 block radius from your house. Or, it could be terraced if you live in an apartment. Ask for the permission and password. And if he lends you, then you have free WiFi. The only thing you have to do us connect it to any other WiFi network.

The connection might not be great if you are a bit far. It may seem slow. And at times, it may not connect properly. ┬áSo, in this case, you can buy a WiFi range extender to get a better connection. It will help you to pull in more signal from your friend’s router.

2. Use a public WiFi

When talking about “how to get free WiFi at home“, a public network may be a great option. The location of your house must be near any place that offers public WiFi. In this way, you can connect to their network at your house. Usually, cafes, libraries, or restaurants offer this facility to the general public. So, check for any public connections in your area at first. Then, if you find any, you need to have access. Try getting the password from them. But in most cases, public networks do not have passwords as they are free for everyone. After this, you can connect it to any other WiFi network.

3. Long range antennas

It is possible that you may not live in an area where you can share a friend’s network. Also, the public place that offers WiFi may be afar. So, in this case, what you can do is buy a long range antenna. It helps to get better signal and strengthens the range of the WiFi connection. The antennas can grab signals from up to 8 miles radius. So, you have better possibilities of having a public or friend’s network within this range.

How to get free WiFi at home with the help of an antenna is easy. First, find out the location of the network you want to connect to. Then, point the antenna in the connection’s direction. Continue to adjust until you get the strongest signal. After this, you can connect it to any other WiFi network.

You can make your own antenna if you are not willing to buy one. Old dish antennas can come handy here. You need to make a hole in the middle of it. Put a USB wireless LAN adapter in that hole. Get a USB passive extension cable. It must be Type A male and Type A female cable. Then, connect one end of the cable to the dish antenna and the other end to your router. Point the antenna in the connection’s direction. And then adjust until you get the strongest signal. After this, you can connect it to any other WiFi network.

What are the precautions for “How to get free WiFi at home”?

Since you are connecting to other people’s network it is best to take precautions. WiFi devices use broadcast signals. It is possible for unauthorized users to have access to your network. So, you must consider how to get free WiFi at home that is safe. As they can get access to the devices that are connected to it.

Your personal information is in danger if you share a network. Also, it will reduce the speed and can use your identification to do wrong things. Say for, hackers can get access to your credit card or banking information. Not only this, they can track your location and social networking sites. In this case, when you are not using a private network, you need to ensure safety. Below some of the safety precautions are given.

1. Avoid using personal information

Hackers may get access to your important information if you use your personal data. So, to avoid any type of fraudulent or identity theft use as little information as possible.

2. Use secure websites

It is important to use websites that are safe. Keep an eye on the URL, see whether it has “https” written on it. They are some of the safest websites. Social media such as Facebook are safe to use as they get converted automatically. But if you are unsure, use a chrome as a browser and install an extension on it. It will try to keep your identity safe by encrypting the data.

3. Forget the connection

Always forget the connection if you are not using the WiFi. It will not let others access your information while you are not using the internet. If there is a password, remember it or write it down somewhere. In this way, you can always reconnect to the network without any problems.

Final words

In the end, I would say how to get free WiFi at home is not as difficult as it may seem. You need to know the correct way. Always avoid using any illegal methods as it can lead you to identity theft. Along with this, the above techniques are easy to adopt. Anyone can now enjoy full-time WiFi at their home without paying the heavy internet bills.

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