How To Send GIFs On Android

How To Send GIF’s On Android

As technology is advancing, there are different entertainment available. In the article, I will talk about how to send GIFs on Android devices. They are one of the latest ways of expressing one’s feelings while texting. It sends out a short video of anything that lasts for a few seconds. A GIF helps to make a conversation between two or more people lively. You do not have to feel monotonous. People are now regularly using it to react to any situation. It does not matter; all types of reactions are there. The most exciting part is that you can even create your GIFs.

Now, you may think what the full form of GIF is. It is a Graphics Interchange Format. Over a short time, this invention received popularity beyond imagination. It became one of the essential features while chatting and communicating with others. Software developers’ are continuously working hard to support GIFs. To explain GIF more vividly, I can give you an example. You have seen the newspapers in the movies of “Harry Potter.” There you have short moving pictures. It helps to get a better feeling of the reaction. GIF is the same as that one.

Why is to send GIFs on Android necessary?

As we know, GIF is an excellent way to jazz up a conversation. So, you must know why is to send GIFs on Android necessary.

  • The use of GIFs shows that you are up to the latest trend.
  • It shows that you are good at expressing your feelings in a conversation.
  • You do not have to write an essay to describe a scenario. GIFs can provide a strong message with a short video.
  • Writing a text can take longer and sending a GIF shortens that time. Also, you will be relieved from continuous typing.
  • You can share a GIF whenever you want. It does not take long.
  • A single photo or message may not describe an emotion. GIFs enhance and clarify your feelings to the reader.
  • Since GIF is short, people are more inclined to view it rather than a long video.
  • Almost all browsers support GIFs. But many videos do not get the support of all the browsers. So, they become meaningless to the users as they cannot view it.

Who can use GIFs?

You should know who can use it. At present, anyone who has an android device can use this. Not only Android users, but other operating systems can also send GIFs. It is so much versatile. Almost any websites support animated short videos. So, everyone can use it to show humor in their social life.

Where can you find GIFs?

Now, you must know where you can search for and use the GIFs. Since it gained so much popularity on the internet, GIFs are everywhere. I researched and found three of the best sites to get GIFs from.

  • GIPHY: It is one of the biggest storage of animated videos. Here, you can find any videos you are looking for. You have to type a word or phrase of words. Then a list of suggestions will come up. You can select from there.
  • Com: Here, varieties of GIFs are available. They are creative and eye-catching. You can select within few clicks. Also, it is easy to post online.
  • Reddit: Here, people can vote for the GIF. In this way, you will know which ones are more trendy. So, you can select according to the trend.

How to send GIFs on Android?

Facebook Messenger, WhatsApp, and other social media are encouraging the use of GIFs. So, Google thought of an innovative way to incorporate this invention. They launched the use of GIF’s for Android devices. So, you must know how to send it through Android if you use it. In this way, you can stay up to the trend, and better express your emotions. Now, I will talk about the different ways you can use to send GIFs.

Android device keyboard

It is a bit tricky to find the GIF option in the Android devices as it is somewhat hidden. Once you know where it is, it will become easier for you. In the beginning, you have to open the keyboard on your Android device. Below on the right side, you will see a smiley option. Click on it to expand it.

There, next to the typing bar, you will see an option written GIF. Tap on it. You can now select a GIF according to your need. They are taken from different websites. Google added a feature to remember the GIF’s you used before. So, you can see it is pretty amazing. You must know that this feature is only available in the latest Android OS Nougat.

WhatsApp in Android

There are a few techniques you can apply. At first, open the application and click on a contact to start a conversation. Below on the right side, you will see a camera roll option. Click on it, and you will have a camera view. Press on the circle on the bottom and do not let go. You can video anything and send it as a GIF to your friends and family. Another thing you can do is, you can send a small video if it is saved in your device gallery.

Say for, you do not want to send a GIF using the camera roll. Now, what you can do is, send straight from the WhatsApp keyboard. As you open a conversation, press on the emoticon option. As it expands you can see in the middle, there is an option written GIF. Click on it, and it will take you to the storage of short videos. Type in a keyword, and you will have your detailed results. Now, you can select one from the following to express your feelings better.

Messenger, Twitter, and other messaging media are similar to this. You will find the GIF option in almost all the chatting media. So, one example will help you understand others better.

GIF share overlay

You should know the use of GIF share overlay, this is one of the best innovations for people who love to use GIFs. It is a free android application that helps the user to search and send GIFs with ease. You can enter the app by pulling down the notification bar. And, it will become a floating overlay.

At first, you need to install this on your device. It does not matter if you are using another application. GIF share overlay will open on top of that. On the search option, type your desired keyword. And you will have 20 auto-playing GIFs as a result. From there, you can select and share the small videos on any social media.

Final word

Keeping up with the trend will help you socialize with others better. You can use the above ways to keep up with the fast-moving trend. GIFs help you to stay positive and humorous with your close people. So, what are you waiting for? Start sending GIFs and have fun while socializing in chatting media.

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