How to send large video

How to send large videos via E-mail or Apps

Many of us don’t know how to send large videos through email and apps. But we have to share many necessary files along with videos every day. File sharing is effortless. However, we face some difficulties in sharing the video. Video sending is also as easy as file sharing. You have to follow some instructions and need to understand some criteria.

If you want to send any video via email you can attach it from the desktop computer or Google Drive. It will sometimes take if it is a large video. On the other hand, you can send large files with video via apps such as WhatsApp, Messenger, etc. It may hard because there is a size limitation. Large size video sometimes doesn’t upload. If it uploads, it will take much time and requires high internet speed. You don’t need to tension anyway. Here you will find all the best instructions and the tips in detail.

Let’s check how to send Large Video Via Gmail

To share large video files, you can upload using Google Drive from your computer. Even you can settle upon One drive from an Outlook email to file transfer. Follow the easy steps to send your large videos files via Gmail.

  1. Login to your Gmail account
  2. Open your Gmail putting username and password.
  3. Click on the ‘’Compose’’ option to attach video.
  4. Write the Gmail address of the person you want to send.
  5. Give a name to the subject below.
  6. Attach the file.
  7. Press on the send button.

Now you are done, your recipient would be able to download the large video file that you already sent.


You can see the Google Drive icon bottom of the page, it allows you to attach large video files also it comes with 15 GB free cloud storage space for any Gmail. It is beside the ‘’File attach’’ icon. Press on that to send your big files, it will show you the videos you have on your Drive. Select which one you want to send. Then it will start uploading, when it is complete, transfer it through link sharing option, your recipient will have to access to download it from the G-drive cloud storage.


If you want to upload it from the desktop computer, click on the “Upload” option. It is on the top right corner. You can see that your video is uploading. It can also take time. Then press on the ‘’Send’’ button. Your video has been sent.


There you will know the best ways to send large videos using Onedrive. Follow the easy steps to send video.

  • Login to Outlook account
  • Click on three by three grid of dot (blue color) on the left top corner
  • Select Onedrive to open Onedrive page
  • Tap on “Upload” to upload or “File” to select video
  • Once selected the video will start uploading
  • After finishing exist Onedrive page
  • Open Mail to send video
  • Click “+New” top of the page left side
  • Click “attach” on second option top of the page
  • Then appear a page. Select “Onedrive-personal”
  • Select video from the files
  • Click “Next” and select “Attach as Onedrive file.”
  • Then enter Email address and give a name to the subject
  • Click “Send, ” and your email has been sent already


Here is the instruction for using iCloud Mail. You need Apple ID and password for the iCloud account. Look at the following steps on how to send large videos through iCloud Mail.

Create iCloud ACCOUNT

Log in to iCloud with Apple ID and password. Go to the bottom of the page and press on the gear icon. Select “Preferences.” Then click on the “Composing” option.


Select the second option “Use Mail Drop when sending attachments.” Send more than five GB large video selecting this option. Click “Done” at the bottom.


Select the pen and pad icon to open a new email. Click on file symbol and choose a video from a desktop. It will take time to up. Put your information to send the email to the person. Once you are done uploading, click the send button.


We need to share large video sometimes on apps. Even apps are being used for official purposes. It is easier to inform people for meeting on messenger. Rather than sending an email or making a phone call. At present people use their smartphone to share any file except emailing. So look at a glance at the following quick steps to send large videos.


On WhatsApp, the video is allowed only 16MB. For sending a large video, you need to make some changes first. You have to download an app “ES File Manager.” Then open the menu and search “Root Explorer” and “Show Hidden Files.” Turn on these two options. Then you will see many folders inside in the hidden files. Select the SD card and device option. Select “Data” from the hidden files.

There is another folder named “Data” inside it. Inside the folder, search WhatsApp. Open the file and write on the search option. WhatsApp preference will appear. Select that using ES Note Editor. Click on a pencil icon when appearing a page and scroll down. Then search line name “<int name= media limit MB value=16”. Now change the limits as your requirements and save. You will be able to send large video files.


On Viber, video limitation is 10 MB. If your video is more than 10 MB, you can’t send them. Then you have to install another application to change settings. There might also be an alternative way without changing settings. See some video tutorials for more information.


This is the app to send large videos to any application. So, install the app from the Play Store. Slide the bar on the right side on top of the application. Then there will appear a page. Choose your video from the page. After selecting click on the link icon. Then choose the application you want to send through. Finally, tap on the send option and your video has been sent.


Install Google Drive on an android phone to send video. Using Google Drive, you can send video selecting any application.

After reading the article and following the instruction, anyone can easily send any large files. However, it just takes too much time to attach the video. But If you have a fast internet connection, there won’t be any problem. On the other hand, it is better to choose Email or iCloud to share the large video. Sometimes the devices had troubled to share big size video file via apps. You can send small MB such as one or two minutes long video very quickly. So, follow the easy steps of how to send large videos using any application.

Note: There is a lot of other options and services are available online that allow you to use their cloud storage for free like Dropbox, Media fire, mega NZ, and more, you can check them here.

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