How to stop laptop from overheating

How to stop laptop from overheating

We need to know why the laptop gets so hot and how to stop the laptop from overheating rather than cook on that. Otherwise, overheating can bring big damages. Almost everyone has experienced the overheating problem on their laptop once or many times. Many people claim that their laptop becomes so hot that they can fry an egg on it.

There are two main reasons for laptop overheating. The most important reason is when the internal cooling fan was not working or running slow. Then the very common issue is dust! Heavy dust is interrupting airflow around the laptop internal chips.

Sometimes our way of utilizing the device and surrounding environment also affects devices. These cause overheating as well. So, we should concern about the matter and fix the problem before ruining the laptop forever.

Some signs laptop overheating

Know about some signs that indicate your laptop are overheating. Any of the points matches your problem which means you can be fallen in big trouble. So, first of all, we need to know the signs and then how to stop the laptop from overheating.

  • The laptop is making an annoying noise
  • Taking time to load a new website
  • The error message is frequently knocking
  • Many parts are getting hot easily like RAM, battery, fan
  • Sometimes shutting down automatically

Note: these signs can appear for some old and slow software. The slow internet connection can cause loading a page late. But when the laptop battery is used excessively, it turns hot. Therefore, identify the problem first and take steps. In the overheating problem take immediate action to cool down the devices and avoid big problems

5 ways to prevent the laptop from overheating

When your laptop gets overheated, don’t worry so much because you can solve the problem immediately. You don’t need to rush any repairing service shop. Don’t even need to buy new ones thinking of your laptop are damaged. So, follow some easy steps to stay safe your laptop from overheating.

Keep on normal temperature

Laptops are overheated during summer when the temperature reaches 95° Fahrenheit. Laptops are okay 10° to 50° Fahrenheit. But when the temperature rises higher than it the most possibility to affect your laptop battery or hard drive. You may realize that many times laptops are getting a bit warm during summer. You might not use that for longer.

Even if you use your laptop on your lap not keeping on any hard surface than most chances to overheat your devices quickly. There are some rules to operate every device. The device’s long time existence depends on how carefully you use electrical devices.

Usually, laptops get warm during utilization. When you keep on your lap, it becomes hot faster for your body temperature. There are rubber feet on every laptop for airflow. You restrict the airflow when you use it on your lap. It can not pass the air and gets overheated.

So, always use a desk or any flat surface to keep the laptop on that. Avoid overheating places and try to use the laptop at room temperature.

Check and clean fan

Dust flows with air. It’s very common to enter dust inside the devices. When the dust is heavy, the devices stop working sometimes. So, check your laptop, whether it dusty or not. If the hot air is coming out, it means the fan is working. If you feel no air or slow airflow, it means your laptop is already dusty.

On the computer, you can open up the CPU case and clean it very nicely inside. Clean the fan as well to work well. Unscrew the small screw carefully and use cotton or soft, clean cloth to remove the dust inside. Once you clean up inside, it will start working like before.

Use a cooling pad

After doing all these things above and still, you realize the problem is not solved. Then you can purchase a cooling pad. Most users use a cooling pad for their laptops. It is very efficient and common to use the cooling pad for additional air. Because it is risky for some users to clean the device from inside.

Besides, it is not possible to work inside the air-conditioned room always.

In an adverse environment, it is more obvious to use the cooling pad. Purchase the best cooling pad which is fit on your laptop. There you also find the instruction to stop your laptop from overheating using a cooling pad.

A cooling pad will give you extra air and keep cool your laptop hard disk. But therefore, you have to ready to carry an additional device along with your laptop.

Restrict utilizing laptop

Do not perform numerous work at the same time. To be clear, do not download more than one software concurrently. When you start to download any software, your CPU starts working harder than before.

Therefore, the laptop can hotter easily. Sometimes you may hear a sound coming from your laptop. CPU needs to work hard to upload some software.

Even some software viruses when you upload that. Never download any unknown software that can damage your devices, when you download something, better to not browsing the internet.

Playing the game on the laptop can also cause overheating. The laptop can perform several instructions at the same time, but therefore, it works hard and causes overheating. So, better to avoid some utilization to keep the devices right and fast.

Bring changes on the laptop

Maybe you are thinking to prevent the laptop from overheating by bringing changes on the laptop. Well, You already fix your overheating problem for sure using the idea above. If not, some tricks for you can help to prevent heating. Reduce the brightness of the screen and clock speed of the CPU.

Fix the light according to day and night time. The less you use your battery, the more it will serve you. If your battery is too old change it now. The old battery is heated faster.

Use your laptop lifetime

When faces some problems on devices always take the matter seriously and solve it immediately. That’s because your life is also related to it. If it damages permanently for overheating all your information and work remove from the device. Even it can be blasted.

So, fix the problem, not just spending money. Know some tricks and ideas to stop the laptop from overheating to solve the matter yourself. Never let the small thing turn into a big issue.

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