How to Stream Xbox One to Your PC?

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For the game lovers all over the world, a curious thing is how to stream Xbox One to PC. Xbox is one of the most amazing gaming consoles in the world. And, Xbox One is a dedicated gaming console with an extraordinary gaming experience. With the possession of Xbox One, you can play your favorite games being remote from the console by streaming. It just needs a laptop or tablet to control and play the game remotely. 

For the Microsoft users, Xbox One streaming requires only a CPU with a minimum processor of 1.5GHz and a RAM of 2GB for a network connection at home.You can enjoy the gaming experience from wherever you be. Just you have to know how to stream the game. You are in the right place for this information.

Xbox Gaming needs some things to operate the process. It does not need anything that much hard to have. The necessities are as follows:

1. The Console of Xbox One:

To start the game in streaming mode, you must enable first the game streaming in settings option.

2. Windows PC

It is a must for you to sign into the app of Xbox before starting to operate the streaming. You need the exact Gamer tag to Use same as Xbox One has with its console.

3. Network connectivity

A Windows PC along with Xbox One has to be on the same network in your house. Other necessary options are:

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    A wired connection of Ethernet cable (It is better for both the PC and the console of Xbox One)
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    A wireless connection of 802.11 N/AC

4. PC Requirements

For the best performance, the needed configuration to have in your Windows operated PC are:

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    2 GB RAM at least
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    CPU of 1.5 GHz or more

5. Connection of the home network

Gaming is one of the best enjoyment. So, you need to have some things in the home network according to the level of fun. Those are:

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    Best performance: Connection of Ethernet
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    Good performance: Access point of 5 GHz wireless 802.11 N, otherwise, 802.11 AC
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    Limited performance: Access point of 2.4 GHz wireless with the above range

If your home decoration does not support the distance of the Xbox console and the PC, you can use either of the following two components:

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    Network adapters: This kind of adapters help you use the present electrical wiring put in your home. They play the role of a network with high speed of the wired connection.
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    MoCA: MoCA means “Multimedia over Coax.” This type of adapters can make you use the prevailing coaxial cable wired in your home. They also perform as a wired network with higher speed.

The Process of Xbox One Streaming

To enable Xbox One in your PC requires some settings and installations. You have to do all these steps very carefully and precisely. The process is below:

1. Enable settings of the Xbox One

For allowing the streaming of Xbox game, first, you have to enable the game streaming option from Xbox One. For doing this, just go to the “Settings,” then, “All settings,” and after that, “Preferences.” Next, you need to do two things:

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    Go to the “Game DVR and streaming” and enable the allowance of streaming in other devices.
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    Return to the “Preferences,” then, “Xbox connections,” after that, enable the allowance of connections from another device. You can also allow them from profiles that are signed in into this Xbox.

2. Connect the Windows PC with Xbox One of yours

Firstly, ensure that the settings of the console are correct.Then, you have to create a connection between the Windows PC and Xbox One from Xbox app installed on the PC:

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    Launch the app Xbox on your PC.
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    Select the “Connect” option from the left panel.
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    The installed Xbox app there will scan the prevailing home network available for its consoles. Then, choose the console name you desire to get connected.
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    All the consoles of Xbox One are appointed as "MyXboxOne." So, you need to rename your one to identify perfectly. You can do this by simply getting into Settings option of the Xbox One. Change the name as you will find it in the first place.
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    After being connected, you will see the changed icons indicating that your connection is active. You can also see new streaming, media, and power remote options and control them remotely.

3. Game Streaming Launch

When the whole preparatory works are done properly, your device is ready to stream.Just click the option “Stream, ” and your job is done.

4. Xbox App Game Launching

For making any Xbox and PC connection, you need to connect those, in the same way, every time. After clicking on Xbox One stream from the app, your streaming will start. After that, click on the “Play” button from the right corner up in the app.It will launch the game immediately on the console along in streaming form.

5. Changing the Streaming Quality

Being connected to the PC and the gaming console of Xbox One, you can easily select different levels of video classes. This change of quality you can do before starting the mainstreaming. Even while streaming, you can perform the same as well. The highest quality will give you a better gaming experience. Using the app on Xbox, you need to click on the “Settings” and select the streaming then.

For encoding a quality level, we recommend the below:

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    High­­: If you connect your Windows PC and Xbox with an Ethernet wire, you can have the highest quality. Besides, you can also have the same experience if the PC and the console are kept in a single room with the closest interference.
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    Medium: You will have a medium range quality if the PC and Xbox be in different places or rooms in the house.
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    Little: In the PCs with low configuration ora wireless network of 2.4 GHz, you can enjoy a low quality.

It is better to start with selecting a higher level and gradually reduce the quality level later. Thus, you will know properly how to stream Xbox One to PC.

Things to Remember

Using the streaming mode is the best use of knowing how to stream Xbox One to PC. You can have the full enjoyment in your PC or tablet by being in another place far from the console. You can also connect a TV with Xbox One to have the same pleasure of gaming. This comes into possibility after ensuring the following issues properly.

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    Same Network: Ensure the presence of the devices (PC and Xbox) under a single network. You can have the game in streaming mode in a network wireless or wired. And, remember that the more speed of the network, the better enjoyment. Slower networks will affect both the performance and the quality.
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    Same Account: It is a must to use a single account for both the devices. You must sign into the app of Xbox in Windows and Gamertag on the Xbox with the same ID.
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    One Task only: Using Xbox One for doing other tasks is not possible.While streaming, the console does not remain available for any other activity. This process is mainly a remote enjoyment only.
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    Xbox One Controller: An Xbox One controller is a handy attachment for your connecting devices. The streaming of Xbox games needs a supported controller. You can connect this controller to any of the devices. But for remote use, the game needs to be connected to the PC only.
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    Not just for games: The streaming is also helpful for using entertainment apps too.

Xbox One is a huge demand for the amazing gaming experience. But, with the remote control, it surpasses the distance barriers. Now, you know how to stream Xbox One to PC. So, make the best of it happen.

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